Furnished Apartment

《Osaka》 Quarantine Apartment : E type 100,000yen~

27sqm. (Optional 3-Meal & Airport transfer)

Furnished Apartment - Type E

* All prices shown include consumption tax.

《Osaka》 Furnished Apartment – Kansai Airport

 Property Type: E type   .
 Quarantine-stay Special Plan:   100,000 yen ~  .

Size: about 27.3㎡,       Capacity of residents number:1~2 people, Double size Bed ×1

. Quarantine-stay Special Plan
Special Offer I Special Offer II Special Offer III
No Meal service 118,000 yen 135,000 yen 143,000 yen
with Meal service 135,000 yen 150,000 yen 160,000 yen
3-meal service provided for: 7 days 10 days 10 days
Expected length of stay : ~ 9 days 10 days ~ 12 days 13 days ~ 30 days

※The 3- meal service is provided during the quarantine period only.
※If flight arrival time is after 7:00PM, the additional charge (5,000 yen) will be applied for the airport transfer service.
※If no airport transfer service is needed, the price will be minus 18,000 yen.

For more than 30 days stay!

If you gonna live in Osaka after quarantine, it’s more reasonable and less costly to live in the same place during and after quarantine thoroughly.
Move-in your new home directly from the airport!
Seek your favorite apartments and check your desired quarantine services on this listing!

*The properties marked  ONLINE  are available for quarantine-stay with optional quarantine services.

* You can inquire or apply online directly on the website!
The easiest way to reserve the apartment for your desired period.

* All of the apartments are good enough for official registration for your residential cards.

For a ”valid Certificate of Vaccination”, please click here.

※In order to shorten the quarantine period by the vaccination certificate, it is necessary to take a PCR test at a designated institution at your own expense and get a “Notice of Permission to End Quarantine” from the MHLW based on the negative result. Please be aware of this.


The prices above are including;

Dedicated Airport Transfer Service from Kansai Airport (Private Limo)

Differences from Shared-ride Transportation service..

● Rent (for 30 days)
● Utilities cost (water, electricity, gas)
Rental bedding fee ..  We provide Hotel quality Clean Down beddings
Optic Fiber Internet fee
● Cleaning & Preparation fee of the apartment
● Basic set of Daily Necessities for Self-quarantine ..


The plan with Meal service is including all of above items and ;

3-meal delivery service for your Quarantine period (breakfast, lunch, dinner)*1Check the meal service.

  • For the preferential price package with vaccination certificate ; 10 days,
    for other package ;  8,11 or 14 days depending on your quarantine period,  3-meals a day will be delivered.


※Separately, 10,000yen is required as a Security Deposit.
 The security deposit will be refunded in full if there is no problem when we check the condition after moving out.


  • The above plan is provided based on a 30-day lease contract for the purpose of self-quarantine stay.*1
  • If you wish to live for more than 31 days, please feel free to contact us.
    We can provide the properties for monthly rental or yearly rental with quarantine services (airport transfer, meal service, basic set of amenities etc.) as well. So that you can save the cost for the quarantine and stay at your home from the day you arrived in Japan. It means you don’t need to waste the money only for the Quarantine period. (These properties are limited to Osaka area.)
  • The above rates are for a single person per room; for double occupancy, the rates will be slightly different due to additional costs such as box meal service fee and transportation service fee. Please feel free to ask us.
  1. The meal delivery service will start from the day after you move in, deliveries will be made according to your quarantine period (14 days, 11 days, 10 days or 8 days). We will prepare some supplementary food for the day of arrival and for emergency use in the apartment, but we recommend that you prepare your own food for the day of arrival at the airport etc..

■■■ Optional Services ■■■

● Kitchenware & Detergent set (for sale)9,900yen.More Details.

● Amenities set (for sale) 1,100yen.More Details.Amenity set present campaign! .

● Portal Wi-Fi (additional rental device)7,300yen.More Details.
● Mobile SIM card (for sale)2,480yen~.More Details.


 Image of  E  type properties

These are typical images of E type properties. They may differ from the properties actually we introduce.
Please contact us first, so that we can introduce you a property with detailed information depending on the availability for your lease period.

* The “Quarantine-stay Special Plan” is a special packaged plan we set for immigrants and returnees, so it is different from the general offer price. If you would like to stay longer than one month, we can arrange it flexibly. Please feel free to contact us.

Furnished APT for quarantine -Etype
Furnished APT for quarantine -Etype

= Introduction =

Stylish-designed 1 bedroom apartments with a spacious area of almost 30 m2 with a double bed and sofa set.
On the balcony, you can enjoy a feeling of openness while admiring the view of the city.
This property has installed a optical fiber internet (downlink maximum 1Gbps) to use comfortable for web conference, online games and watching videos etc.

= Equipment, Furniture, Home appliances =

Kitchen    Balcony    Bathtub    Shower    A/C   TV   Washing Machine  Refrigerator  Microwave   Electric Kettle  Vacuum Cleaner  Bed(W=140cm)  Sofa & table  Bathroom Dryer  Bidet-toilet  Fiber-optic Internet


Recommended Points

– Three Boxed Meals Delivery service –

Delivery service of three meals, morning, lunch, and dinner, every day during quarantine period. Even if there is a kitchen, it is popular with people who want a delicious and healthy meal easily. It is provided directly by a long-established local caterers shop, so you can enjoy daily menu of meals with confidence.

A good night’s sleep with a clean Duvet

In partnership with a leading bedding manufacture, we provide their high quality and clean duvet rental bedding set to our apartments. Every time the resident changes, the clean duvets and sheets are delivered from the factory in special bags, so you can use them comfortably and with peace of mind.


 “Quarantine-stay Special Plan” for other property types

Shown prices are including Airport transfer service.

● A type― for 1 person  (No meal) 78,000yen/ (with meal) 95,000yen..

● A-2 type― for 1 person  (No meal) 75,000yen/ (with meal) 89,000yen..

● B type― for 1 person  (No meal) 88,000yen/ (with meal)108,000yen..

● B-2 type― for 1 person  (No meal) 83,000yen/ (with meal)105,000yen..

● C type― for 1 person  (No meal) 99,000yen/ (with meal)118,000yen..

● D type― for 1~2 people (No meal)109,000yen/ (with meal)128,000yen..

● E type― for 1~2 people (No meal)118,000yen/ (with meal)135,000yen..

● F type― for 1~2 people (No meal)140,000yen/ (with meal)155,000yen..


* Transfer service will be arranged by our partner travel agencies based on the standard provisions for Japan travel businesses.


Contact us for services of
Quarantine stay & Transfer after entering Japan

For the people who look for the apartment to live for more than 31 days, please check the website of Apartment-Japan.com...

It is a online reservation website exclusively for rental apartments, shared residences and dormitories where you can check detailed terms and information, obtain a quote and apply for a contract online.

i.e.)  Property list in Osaka area –..

Long/Middle term
Apartment Search Website



Note : Not all properties on this Apartment-Japan.com website can accept for Quarantine stay and Airport transfer service.
   It depends on the landlord. (we, DID-GLOBAL, can do it.)

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