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Please contact us with your following information, for self-quarantine services such as accommodation facilities and airport transfer after entering Japan.
After confirming them, the person in charge will contact you.

And, if you haven’t decided on the details, you can also contact us from this another form✉.

  • There are many cases that we cannot contact due to the wrong email address. Please confirm your email address before submitting.
    If you don’t receive the confirmation email after pressing the submit button, it may be entered the wrong email address. In that case, pleas submit again or call us.

    1. Desired property & plan        Items marked with * are required.

    ◆Types of accommodation facilities* (multiple choices allowed)   

    ◆Desired plan & area ..
     (1)In case of a Furnished Apartment (Kansai Airport) :
       Name of desired property:
     (2)In case of Hotels : 

    ◆Option of your choice (multiple choices allowed) * Only for Furnished Apartments ..


    2. About entry Japan

    ◆Number of users*   
    ◆Expected date of entry Japan    
    ◆Arrival airport*  
    ◆Departure country / region* 
    ◆Airline & Flight number  Airline :
                Flight Number :
    ◆Estimated time of arrival  
    ◆Type of visa  

    3. Contact Information

    ◆Date of birth   (year/month/day) ※Required if you are under 20 years old.
    ◆Current address
    ◆Purpose of entry*