Safe, secure and comfortable Quarantine stay
after entering Japan

We offer facilities and transfer services suitable for quarantine stay required by Japanese government to all people arriving Japan from all countries and territories, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
All facilities and services are available both in Japanese and English.


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What is Quarantine?


Border control measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

新型コロナ感染拡大防止のために 海外からの入国後に必要となる措置

Japan quarantine station strictly requires all people entering Japan as following;

  • Certificate for negative result of Covid-19 testing within 72 hours prior to departure time of the flight
  • PCR testing Upon entry into Japan
  • Staying at the facility designated by Japanese government for 3days (Forced-quarantine) or
    staying at home or specific accommodation for 7 days after arrival in Japan(Self-quarantine)
  • No use of public transportation (trains, buses, cabs/taxies, domestic airplanes, etc.) for the specified quarantine period after entering Japan*
  • Submitting written pledge
  • However, as a relaxation measure after March 1, 2022, the use of public transportation is permitted only within 24 hours after entry and only the shortest route to the Self-quarantine stay place where submitted to the quarantine station.

updated on 2022.2.28

For the latest quarantine measures, please click this button.
There is a list of links to the websites of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, too.

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To those whom wish quarantine-stay to prevent infection of COVID-19

In this website, we introduce facilities for self-quarantine after entering Japan and transfer service from international airports to these facilities. (Self-quarantine is 7 days of isolation period at the places designated by Japan Quarantine station chief.)

As a border control measure for COVID-19,

  • People who are required “7 days quarantine stay” after entering Japan from overseas.
  • People who want to have a voluntary isolation before going back to home/family in Japan when coming back from overseas.
  • People who need to arrange “private transportation” for after entering Japan from overseas.
    (People who are required to avoid using “Public Transportation.”)
  • People who need to arrange transportation from Airport to their home after entering Japan from overseas.

We have various plans of quarantine facilities and the airport transfer services to there. And we are preparing some useful optional services.
Please check whole website and consider our services. We are proud of our hospitality with experiences of more than 10 years for foreigner customers.

Package plans of Quarantine stay

Covers 5 International Airports in Japan


For Haneda(Tokyo), Narita, Kansai, Chubu, Fukuoka International Airports

We support entry from 5 main international airports in Japan.
We can introduce quarantine accommodations in the areas around the airports or anywhere you would like in Japan.
We have lots of experiences of Quarantine service for over one and half years in this pandemic, and have provide packaged/separated services which combines the quarantine accommodation for self-quarantine with meals option and the transportation service from the airport to the accommodation, by setting the price in an easy-to-understand manner.
Now, the border measure has relaxed from March 1st 2022, our service is more flexible and wider.
We can provide a lot of kind of services other than written in this website, please take a look and feel free to inquiry to us.


Quarantine Accommodations

Find a home like home for after quarantine


Monthly/Long term Residences search website
with online reservation system

For the people who look for a residence to live for more than 31 days, both of several months and several years, please check the website of It is a online reservation website inclusively for rental apartments, furnished apartments, shared residences and dormitories where you can check detailed terms and information, obtain a quote and apply for a contract online.
Also, we offer set of furniture and appliances for rental or sales to make new comers start their life at ease. Combine with residence and furniture, you will get a home like home very easily!..

Find a home like home in Japan


Services for Quarantine



Accommodation 1.
Furnished Apartments


Comfortable stay with private kitchen, balcony and electric appliances

Introducing fully-furnished rental apartments which are available for Quarantine-stay.
They are more homey and private space than hotels and enable you to have healthier and more comfortable stay with less-stress.
It is for the quarantine period when is not allowed to go out freely, so the furnished apartments where can open the window to feel refresh are more popular than closed-off hotel rooms.

◆ Private kitchen with electric appliances like microwave and Refrigerator etc.
◆ Internet available
◆ Various types of room like studio, 1bedroom, 2bedroom etc.
Breath fresh air to refresh through the open window and on the balcony!!
"3 Meals Service" for quarantine period is also available
◆ Resident support in English

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Accommodation 2.


24 hours-open-Front Desk bring you a peace of mind

Introducing hotel plans which are available for Quarantine-stay.

◆ Front desk opens 24 hours
◆ WiFi available
◆ Facilities such as coin laundry or vending machines in hotels are available*1

*1 Some hotels do not have coin laundry.
  In addition, mobility limitation in the hotel changes in each hotels, so please contact us for details.

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Airport transfer service


We will greet at arrival gate.

We arrange airport transfer service (limousine service) to your specified place.

- We will wait for you to meet up at the exit of the arrival gate with your name board.
- You can feel at ease by keeping in touch with the driver from your arrival at the airport to share the progress of the PCR test and immigration, and flexible for an unexpected situation.
- This is not a ride-share type of transportation service, so it is safer and more secured, and you don't need to waste the time to wait for someone else.
- We will depart for the designated place soon after your arrival, please take your time with relax on the way in the vehicle.

Please feel free to contact us for prices etc.

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Our prevention measures for safe moving-in


Our high standard measure to prevent spreading of COVID-19

◆Being thorough with disinfection
◆Being thorough with wearing face masks
◆Cleaning and disinfection of transportation vehicles and stay facilities
◆Non-face-to-face online application
◆Non-face-to-face key hand-over and contract
◆Non-face-to-face orientation after moving-in utilizing IT
◆Corresponding by SNS tools

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