Celebrate the relaxation of “Japan travel ban”!!
–Directly move-in your new “home” in Japan!-



Celebrating Free from Quarantine Stay!

You may be able to enter Japan without quarantine!

On May 26, the Japanese government announced that, for those entering Japan from overseas with the exception of certain countries and regions, they will no longer request quarantine stays, effective June 1!
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Directly move-into your new “home” where you can get address sufficient for official registration in Japan!

On the website below, you can find and sign on a contract for an apartment/room before coming to Japan.

You can move in directly from the airport, and then go to the city office to register your home address and receive your alien registration card!  You can start your daily life immediately after come to Japan!

◆◆ Find your new “home” (room/apartment) with registrable address ◆◆

(Only furnished rooms/apartments can accept your application from overseas!)

Caution!! :
Not only hotels, but also “accommodations” booked through travel websites such as ‘**bnb’ or ‘Booking.**’ and so on, even if the rooms look like apartment type, they are not considered as a “residence” by Japanese law. so you can not register the address as your home and will not be issued a resident card
Choose certain tools and websites to find a residence not to waste your money and precious time when you have come all the way to Japan.

Celebration! Restart a Tourism!

The Government of Japan has resumed issuing tourist visas!

The Government of Japan has decided to allow the acceptance of foreign tourists for the first time in 26 months from June 10, 2022.!
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We can provide appropriate package tours for foreigners in accordance with the new tourism guidelines and requirements issued by the Japanese government!

There are a lot of restrictions for the acceptance of the tourists to Japan at the moment, but we can provide appropriate tourism tour for all foreigners who want to visit to Japan.

Our licensed tourism agency is;

  • Obtaining access to ERFS, a system for pre-registration required for entry of foreign nationals
  • Having a number of experiences of providing stress-free travel for foreign travelers by offering a higher grade of private tour service
  • Specialized in chartered car services for private tours, airport transfers, accommodation arrangements with interpreter/guide arrangements, since before the Corona disaster.
  • The best tourism agency for your visiting Japan during this period of under many requirements for Corona measures

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