1. Furnished Apartments for Quarantine  - with Meals

furnished apartments in Osaka for quarantine

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===This Quarantine service has finished.===

As the quarantine border measure based on Japan government efforts against the new coronavirus infection, Japan quarantine station strictly requires that all people entering Japan have to stay for 14 days at the permitted places (Quarantine Stay) and never to use public transportation for the prevention of spread of COVID-19...

We, DID-GLOBAL of Quarantine-Japan.com, offer special one-stop service that combines furnished apartment with a pickup service from Kansai International Airports , to both Japanese and foreigners who arrive in Japan and stay in Osaka.
All procedures will be completed before entering Japan and all you have to do in Japan for the first day is to find a greeter of the pickup limousine and go to your apartment.
* Customers using our rental furnished apartments in Osaka City can also arrange a pick-up service from each airport other than Kansai Airport. Please contact us for details. #

▼Former Quarantine services in furnished apartments.▼
  • All services described here are provided only for the furnished apartment plans (A-F type) in Osaka area near Kansai International Airport (KIX) .
    For all plans in other than Osaka area – such as Tokyo, Narita, Chubu, Fukuoka area – and Hotel plans in Osaka area, the different service will be provided. For the service details of each properties, please contact directly to the person in charge or the manager who introduced you the property.

Recommend to

As a border control measure for COVID-19,

◆ People who are required “14 days quarantine stay” after entering Japan from overseas.

◆ People who need to arrange “private transportation” for after entering Japan from overseas.
(People who will be prohibited to use “Public Transportation.”)

◆People who want to have self-quarantine period before going back to home in Japan when coming back from overseas..

◆ People who use Kansai International Airport when entering Japan from overseas

◆ People who want to spend a relaxing and comfortable time at their own pace, such as self-catering, washing, and exposing themselves to the outside fresh air on the balcony during the Quarantine period

◆ People who want to have  three meals services of morning, lunch and dinner without worrying about meals during the Quarantine period

◆ People who want to enjoy teleworking, watching videos, playing online games, etc. without stress during the Quarantine period with a high-speed Internet connection using a fiber optic line with a maximum of 1GBps.

Advantage of Furnished Apartment staying for self-Quarantine

Furnished Apartments provide a completely independent living space and can be used as a place for “14 days quarantine stay” that meets the standards set by the quarantine station. They are more homelike and comfortable places than hotels and enable you to have healthy stay with less-stress.

◆ All our apartments has a private kitchen with electric appliances like microwave and Refrigerator/ Freezer etc.
  ―By cooking favorite meals in combination with home delivery services, you will be able to have a healthy life with less-stress!
“3 meals service” that deliver meals for 14 days (3 meals x 14 days + α) every day is arrangeable at an extra charge. *1
Internet is available *2
  ―Internet is essential for quarantine stay. Stress-free for jobs or SNS!
◆ Various types of room and pricing like studio, 1bedroom, 2bedroom etc. give you choices within your budget and peace of mind.
◆ Pickup service from Kansai Airport to properties, we will wait for you at arrival gate. (English available)
◆ We have contract and tenants support in English, so highly welcome for foreigners
◆ Both month-to-month and long-term contract available.

*1 It will be delivered once a day on weekdays from the day after moving in by a special company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
*2 There are properties installed Wi-Fi via Optical Hikari internet line with unlimited data capacity and properties using a portable Wi-Fi router which has high-speed connection until the data up to 100GB.

quarantine apartments images

Special packaged offer for Quarantine:

Internet Wi-Fi, rental bedding, 
basic set, utilities included;

ex)  for 9 days-stay: 58,000 yen ~
 for 1 month-lease : 73,000 yen ~

No Guarantor, No Guarantor Company,
Passport Copy, Valid Visa required.

Feel free to contact us for details and availability. ..

= Example of the Quarantine-stay Special Plan =

《Osaka, Near Nipponbashi》  15㎡  (capacity: 1 person)   58,000 yen~  CLICK button.

(including  internet Wi-Fi etc.)

《Osaka, Near Osaka Castle》  20㎡  (capacity: 1 person)   81,000 yen~  CLICK button.

(including  internet Wi-Fi etc.)

《Osaka, Near Namba》    27㎡  (capacity: 2 people)   100,000 yen~  CLICK button.

(including  Optic Fiber Internet with Wi-Fi)


Other than these, we offer more plans varied based on the grade, size, facilities etc. of the room.

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to have multiple properties or corporate contracts or if you have any questions.


Meals during the quarantine period

During the period of self-quarantine that have to refrain from going out side, “how to procure food and meals” may be a particularly worrisome issue.

However, if you stay your quarantine period in our furnished apartment, you don’t need to worry too much about your meal.

All Quarantine Apartment-stay plans introduced on this site are including “three-meals service” that will be delivered three meals daily from the day after moving in, in order not to worry about precuring the daily meals.
It would be able to provide you a safe, secure and comfortable quarantine period with a variety of meals delivered by specialist caters company long-established and loved at the local.

And, unlike hotels, all of our furnished apartments are equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, and electric kettle as standard equipment, and also there are no restrictions to receive deliveries like hotels, so you can freely order various warm deliveries as you like.
In addition, we sell a set of cooking utensils, dishes & cutleries as an option, so, in combination with the delivery service of the supermarket, you can freely enjoy cooking what you like.
It means you can enjoy your favorite food and hot meals in the apartment during the quarantine.

We, DID-GLOBAL, provide a list of sites and shops of delivery services that can be ordered online and in English in Osaka City for our tenants.

We wish to support all of our tenants spend a less-stress and healthy quarantine period and maintain their health with our “Three-meals service” or having a favorite meals and foods by combining equipment of home appliances and various delivery services.

meal service3 meals service
delivery manDelivery services acceptable
home appliancesKitchen appliances
cooking toolsCooking tools (option)



List of Furniture and Home Appliances

Here are the furniture, electric appliance, and equipment in DID-GLOBAL’s apartments.

◆Kitchen          ◆Bath & Toilet      ◆Wash stand       ◇Balcony*
◆Refrigerator/ Freezer    ◆Microwave       ◆Electric Kettle      ◇TV*
◆Single Bed or Double Bed   ◆Desk or Table     ◆Arm-chair or Sofa    ◇Washing machine*

* For TV, washing machine, and Balcony, some rooms do not have them. For details, please refer to web pages of each properties.


In addition, for DID-GLOBAL’s rental apartments, we provide a high-quality and clean duvet rental bedding set by the partnership with one of the most popular duvet manufacture in Japan.
For this Quarantine Special Plan, these rental beddings and duvets are provided in a clean condition packed in a special bag as packed at their large maintenance factory.
Please check this for details...
★For tenants who use our Quarantine Special Plan as for a border control measure of COVID-19, we prepare “basic set” free which are minimum necessities for the couple of days of the time being after move-in.* “Rental Furnished Apartments” are not accommodation facilities under the Hotel Business Act of Japanese Law, so we cannnot provide cooking utensils as a basic equipment.
We sell “Kitchenware & Detergent set” as an optional service, please use it if you wish.
For details, please check the follows.

<Items of Basic set of Necessities>

Items of Basic set


DID-GLOBAL Optional Service

DID-GLOBAL affiliates with each professional company and can provide convenient optional service for your new life in Japan from arrival day.

kitchen set ◆Kitchenware set /
Daily necessities for the first few days
apj mobile sim ◆Mobile SIM card/ Data SIM card
rental wifi ◆Rental Portable Wi-Fi
meal service for quarantine stay ◆Three-meals service
– Upgrade Options
Rental Beddings ◆Rental Bedding

For more details, please click each images or refer here.


[Introduction Movie]    Quarantine Apartment service with airport transfer!
Comfortable stay w/ Meals, High-speed Internet, Kitchen, and balcony.


Prevention Measures against COVID-19

DID-GLOBAL has high standard of safety for our new resident to prevent COVID-19 and to move in at ease.

◆ Online non-contact room search and rental application (Application from overseas acceptable)..

◆ Non-face-to-face Contract and key delivery (Remote key delivery and online orientation) ..

◆ We offer rooms that are vacant for more than 3 days.

◆ We provide new one for hygiene goods such as a toilet cleaning brush and a shower curtain etc. for each resident.


~~ Refer the information below. ~~

List of DID-GLOBAL’s Furnished Apartments

We offer several types and plans for Quarantine stay at Furnished Apartments in Osaka, Kansai Airport Area.
The plans (prices) are varied based on the types which categorized by the size, facilities, building age, structure, room layout, equipped furniture etc.

Most of DID-GLOBAL’s rental apartments are located in the center of Osaka city and closed to train/subway stations.
It makes our guests used for Quarantine can move to their destination after quarantine period ended to use a public transportation.

Also, most of our apartments are located near supermarkets and convenience stores, that is convenient area in Osaka.

Please check the list of our Quarantine Apartment plans which are including Airport Transfer and 3 meals service etc.

*All plans including Airport Transfer service and “three-meals delivery service” that delivers sets of breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the quarantine period.


For Long/Middle term lease Apartments

For the people who look for the apartment to live for more than 31 days, please check the website of

It is an online reservation website exclusively for rental apartments, shared residences and dormitories in Japan where you can check detailed terms, information, many pictures, and also movies of the properties.
If you find a good property, you can obtain a quotation on the website instantly and go through the application processes to the lease and the tenancy’s examination directly.
*Please note that the “online quotation” and “online application” system are not applied for all properties. It depends on the property and the landlord. But all properties are available for inquiry in English/Japanese at least.

ex.) Property list in Osaka area available for both Quarantine and the long/middle term lease..

You can search properties by your wishes like types of room, monthly rent, location, lease terms, or equipment and so on.

If you are looking for with an emphasis on location or long term stay of more than 1 month, please search for your favorite properties from our Website by clicking following image.

  • Not all properties on this Apartment-Japan.com website can accept for Quarantine stay and Airport transfer service. It depends on the landlord. (we, DID-GLOBAL, can do it.)
    If the landlord can’t provide the quarantine services including airport transfer service etc. Please feel free to ask us with details of your wishes. We may arrange the both.

* If you are looking for with an emphasis on location or long term stay of more than 1 month, please search for your favorite properties from our Website by clicking following image.


* The “Quarantine-stay Special Plan” is a special packaged price set for immigrants and returnees with a one-month-contract, so it differs from the general offer prices listed on our property search website.

If you will rent for quarantine stay, please refer to the price of the Quarantine-stay Special Plan.

Check our various types of Apartments
and affordable special plans for Quarantine stays
with 3 meals service

 ※ Example of Quarantine Apartments

Apartment-stay (A-2)

Quarantine Apartment -A2 type

for 1 person

(incl. Internet Wi-Fi, Beddings,
  Airport Transfer etc.)

Apartment-stay (C)

Quarantine Apartment -C type

for 1 person

(incl. Internet Wi-Fi, Beddings,
  Airport Transfer etc.)

Apartment-stay (E)

Quarantine Apartment -E type

for 1-2 people

(incl. 3Meals, Fiber Internet, Beddings, Airport Transfer etc.)

Other than these, we offer various prices and various types of apartments.