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《Osaka-Kansai Airport》 Quarantine Hotel

Quarantine hotel Osaka

《Near Osaka Castle area》 Example of Quarantine Hotel Stay

This is an example of Quarantine Hotel in Osaka.
We are introducing hotels for quarantine stay, including which are not shown on this site, so the hotels actually we introduce may differ to this. We also offer a dedicated private transfer service from the airport or to the specified institutions for COVID-19 test as an option.
Please contact us first, then we can introduce hotels and other services which are available for your desired period and meet your wishes.

We can arrange the accommodation as you like.
Feel free to inquire about the details and cost for your desired length of stay along with your requests for hotel/apartment type, with/without meals, airport transfer, round-trip transportation to/from the specified institutions of COVID-19 test, etc.


  • Please note that the hotels and costs introduced may change from time to time depending on the timing and the availability and acceptance of the hotel.
  • Usually, the 3-Meals comes daily menu in Bento boxes. Please note the you can’t choose the meal menu.
Quarantine hotel Osaka1
Quarantine hotel Osaka2
Quarantine hotel Osaka3
Quarantine hotel Osaka4
Quarantine hotel Osaka5
 ※No restrictions on movement within the building, but be sure to ware a face mask when walking around the building.
 ※Feel free to use coin laundry and vending machine.
 ※Free Wi-Fi is available.
 ※Please wear a face mask, disinfect your hands, cooperate with temperature measurement, and secure a social distance.

* These are examples of the services. The actual room and service may differ.


* Hotel and Transfer service will be arranged by our partner travel agencies based on the standard provisions for Japan travel businesses.

Contact us for services of
Quarantine stay & Transfer after entering Japan


Click here for other hotel stay plans.

Check our various types of Accommodation Facilities
with 3-meal service option for Quarantine stays in Osaka

 ※ Example of Quarantine Apartments

Apartment-stay (A-2)

Quarantine Apartment -A2 type

for 1 person   58,000yen~

(incl. Internet Wi-Fi, Beddings etc.)

Apartment-stay (C)

Quarantine Apartment -C type

for 1 person  81,000yen~

(incl. Internet Wi-Fi, Beddings etc.)

Apartment-stay (E)

Quarantine Apartment -E type

for 1-2 people 100,000yen

(incl. 3Meals, Fiber Internet Wi-Fi, Beddings  etc.)

In addition to these, we offer various types of plans and apartments.

Search Apartment for after Quarantine!!

For the people who look for the apartment to live for more than 30 days, please check the website of Apartment-Japan.com...

It is a online reservation website exclusively for rental apartments, shared residences and dormitories where you can check detailed terms and information, obtain a quote and apply for a contract online.

i.e.)  Property list in Osaka area –..

Long/Middle term
Apartment Search Website



Note : Not all properties on this Apartment-Japan.com website can accept for Quarantine stay and Airport transfer service.
   It depends on the landlord. (we, DID-GLOBAL, can do it.)

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