Get your Apartment/Room before coming to Japan

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Directly move-into your new “home” where you can get address sufficient for official alien registration in Japan!

On the website below, you can find and sign on a contract for an apartment/room before coming to Japan.

You can move in directly from the airport, and then go to the city office to register your home address and receive your alien registration card!  You can start your daily life immediately after come to Japan!

◆◆ Find your new “home” (room/apartment) with registrable address ◆◆

(Only furnished rooms/apartments can accept your application from overseas!)

Caution!! :
Not only hotels, but also “accommodations” booked through travel websites such as ‘*bnb’ or ‘Booking*’ and so on, even if the rooms look like apartment type, are not considered as a “residence” by Japanese law. so you can not register the address as your home and will not be issued a resident card
Choose certain tools and websites to find a residence not to waste your money and precious time when you have come all the way to Japan.



“Apartment Japan” is a rental property search website and online reservation system, which is designed focused in foreign residents who are living or plan to live in Japan, in order to make them easy to find great rental residences properties.
Please search by specifying the desired region, move-in date, and desired lease period. Vacancy properties will be listed, and the lease conditions are based on your desired lease period.
Then, you can get the exact quote and apply to the property for rent direct on the website after confirmation all covenants of lease agreement. – but, not for all properties.




Many properties listed on are:

  • Monthly rentals / long-term rentals available (minimum lease period: 30 days)
  • No guarantor required
  • Payment by Credit card
  • Monthly payment
  • Easy process to move-in
  • Foreigner-friendly Agencies (English-speaking staff available)
  • Price and conditions vary depending on the contract period.
  • The longer the contract, the more reasonable it becomes

Especially, most of the Furnished Apartments listed here are:

  • Instant and accurate quotes
  • Online application on the website available
  • Detailed list of furniture and appliances provided
  • Check out the property with videos and photos
  • Review the lease agreement terms on the application process
  • Easy to apply from overseas



Check the video guidance of “How to search apartments on”:

※ During/after the COVID pandemic, the contract can be concluded online “without face-to-face meeting”,
if you apply online from


Check the video guidance of “How to rent an apartment in Japan”:

※ During/after the COVID pandemic, the contract can be concluded online “without face-to-face meeting”,
if you apply online from


If you need furniture and appliances to purchase: